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Only place your boss can't see you – guaranteed!

Job Candidates

Only place your boss can’t see you – Guaranteed!

Easiest Place to apply for jobs

A low maintenance solution that won't have you searching endlessly.

Smartest Place to change jobs

You need a way to see & reach out in response to vacancies without compromising your privacy or current job status. Don't waste time on other sites, the only solution is here. We have patented a solution that works for you.

The Simple Truth

Simply register here and choose the type of roles you want to see. That’s much quicker than completing and maintaining a social media profile to attract recruiters and you still get the opportunity to apply for all matching vacancies.

Confidentially, Yours

You love your employer but it’s not enough for you anymore. That’s ok. GlobeHook makes looking for jobs safer and changing jobs easier.

You cannot be seen and your information cannot be searched by other members or the public.

What you really, really want

Although you can browse ‘Latest Jobs’, there is really no searching required.

The patented matching method ensures you will receive the type of jobs that you desire, thereby guiding you toward the successful career you truly want, with no keywords necessary.

There Is Always More

Of course there is more to you than qualifications and formal work experience. Especially when changing careers, the ‘more’ parts of you can become essential.

You are provided with a special section to promote those extra skills and achievements that will surely give you the edge to stand out from the rest.

Our Priority is Your Opportunity

We strive to find jobs for candidates, not candidates for jobs.

In other words, you come first. Like a well prepared meal, we take the time to get your matches right.


Powerful matches strong candidates

"We have successfully used Globhook to hire skilled IT people for our clients and candidates coming from Globehook are extremely relevant"
CEO - Recruitment Agency

"Comparing and Shortlisting candidates is so straightforward and easy compared to some other sites"
Practice Manager - Accountancy & Advisory Firm


A method of recruiting that is easily affordable and works for you in the background without any effort on your part is always something you must consider if your schedule is overloaded and time is of the essence.

That’s the real value proposition from GlobeHook. The result is you get double the return for the same effort you already put in every day if you are a recruiter.

Patented Methodology

Only GlobeHook can bring you this method of online recruitment. It achieves better matches to your job adverts and prevents mismatching candidates from even being able to apply.

The best part is that you can control these matching parameters, making them stronger or weaker depending on your requirements for each vacancy.

Multi-User Accounts – many users, one voice

You can create one account for your business hiring needs, register additional users and assign privilege levels to each depending on the seniority level of the user. You can also create and save multiple business descriptions which can be used for different departments and this is useful for attracting desirable candidates in a targeted way, while keeping your overall branding aligned.

The World Is Your Oyster

Having the ability to tap into talent that you cannot source locally is an essential part of the whole recruitment puzzle today.

This is true whether you recruit for a large or small business. From outsourcing projects on contract basis to hiring migrating employees. GlobeHook is built to recruit from anywhere in the world including contract workers.

Searching: The Time Stealer

There is no searching for you to do on GlobeHook. The honest truth is that your ad either matches people on the system or it doesn’t and we won’t make you search the database to find out. Technology can do that for you and if there are currently no matches then we work to attract the right ones to fulfil your needs.

Quality Over Quantity

If you received 1,000 applicants from source A and only 10 from source B the same content, which source is better?

If you answered source A then you are just building a database of candidates. If you answered source B then you are probably tired of sorting resumes. But you should be asking more questions, like how many candidates were hired from each and how many hours of work were invested by you? We stand by the quality over quantity rule for sourcing.

Simple Pricing Structure

One affordable flat fee gets your job ad in front of every single matching candidate on the system as long as the ad is live.

No searching fees.No premium charges.No refreshing required.

All you need to do is create a compelling job description. You may suspend and republish your ad any time within the maximum publish period which is 90days.

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